With the ongoing situation caused by Covid-19 we will be continuing to offer most of our clubs online. Looking ahead to the time we will be able to have our clubs onsite at the schools we are working to organize our online clubs regionally. Our goal in doing this is to smoothly transition from an online format to in-person clubs. To find out which online club is working in your region go to the “Club Times and Locations” section on the “Parent’s Info” page and do a search for your school.

Please fill out all the sections of the registration form. The information is not used for any form of solicitation and it allows us to properly care for your child as they attend Key Bible Clubs. A child cannot attend Key Bible Clubs without parental permission. If you have any questions about our program feel free to phone the Key Bible Clubs‘ office (519)690-1615, or use the Contact Us page on this website.

Key Bible Clubs is a registered charity and operates independently of the school boards.

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