I drove to Huron Park Baptist Church to run the Zoom club and use their internet. It is 28 km round trip.
Lynda Lyons was my paid assistant.
On Friday, October 15th Lynda and I drove to the homes of our club members to drop off worksheets in a duotang for our first unit on Jonah. As well a bag with misc things to use throughout the year for different games, activities and treats. For example playdoh, elastics, straw, bowl, ball. The round trip was 163 km. which took us to Caledonia, St. George, Burford, Woodstock and home. I did this trip 3 or 4 times last year and did not request milage. I am requesting it for this year if possible. It is a good time to connect with the parents and kids. This was nice for Lynda to finally meet most of the students she only saw on Zoom last year!