I tried to have a club Feb 25th but my zoom meeting disappeared from my list so I couldn’t start it. I quickly set up a new one and sent everyone the link to it but when they tried to attend zoom told them I was in another meeting! Nothing would work for us! I had to keep emailing the families who were emailing me saying they were waiting and then that they couldn’t attend because I was in another meeting! Ugh! Lynda was there and trying to get in too . I ended up just calling the club off for that week after 20 mins of trying because it was not going to work. And our whatchagottaknow for that day was going to be When life’s not fair, we know God cares! So, I was trying to but could not do the club that day! I don’t need to be paid for this one but I think Lynda Lyon’s should as assistant since she made time to help that day and was ready.